Production equipment and production lines for the vegetable and potato processing industry

Innovation stoppt bei EIMA ENGINEERING nie!

We can look back on more than 30 years of experience in the development and production of individual factory components. Complete production lines have also been designed and produced under the name EIMA, in Edewecht (north-west Germany).

We are the partner for your success for planning and maintenance of your systems.

Convincing production lines with convincing facilities

EIMA fryer

Optimized process technology, which can individually process a wide range of raw materials, can be found in all our systems. For example, our fryer. Here, with the help of an intelligent oil filter system, the consumption of fresh oil is reduced, and the oil quality is kept at a high level.

EIMA steam peeler MONSUN 2.0

Effective and reliable: the MONSUN steam peeler with its double-walled and horizontally placed container. The incoming steam is distributed evenly and quickly around the entire product, which considerably shortens the pure peeling time.

EIMA fries’ line in action

A new production hall was built especially for this modern French fries’ line in Azerbaijan.

Automation and process technology from EIMA

The automation of complex production systems increases efficiency in every respect. The use of high-quality and modern electronic components increases e.g. the energy efficiency which means the profitability of your installation. An innovative and understandable user interface is just as important as high-quality components and increases the usability of your system.

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