Automation and process technology

EIMA AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGY - Know-How from one source

The automation of complex production lines increases efficiency in every respect. The use of high-quality and modern electronic components raises the energy efficiency and thus the economic efficiency of your plant. When shutting down large production lines, your employees can start cleaning while the product is conveyed out of the plant. This increases the efficiency of your employees and reduces idle time and staff waiting times.

Whether it's a new construction, conversion or the connection to existing plants, we are at your side as an experienced manufacturer in the food industry. Our experts will advise you and develop solutions customized to your needs.

What we offer

  • system design
  • control systems (SPS)
  • visualization (HMI)
  • remote maintenance

„We deliver more than just good facilities… “

In the control cabinet, we use high-quality Siemens components that enable you to communicate with your existing system via various protocols.

We use the following controllers:

  • Basic Controller S7-1200
  • Advanced Controller S7-1500
  • Externe Controller ET200


Safety comes first and foremost

All safety-relevant components are connected directly to the S7 controller and evaluated for optimum evaluation.

This saves space in the control cabinet and improves error evaluation of the safety components.

Project-related visualization of your system

An innovative and understandable user interface is as important as high-quality components and increases the usability of your system. We provide you with a visualization system that presents your system in an optimal and comprehensible way. This makes it child's play for the authorised operator to adjust the process parameters.

The number of user levels and the associated authorizations are already defined in the planning phase.

Remote maintenance

If desired, we can install a remote maintenance solution in your control cabinet so that changes, problem solving or maintenance of the software can be carried out without the need for a programmer.

You receive optimal support and short downtimes in case of maintenance or malfunctions.