Combined washing machine for potatoes and vegetables

Dry grounding, water-saving, gentle and environmentally friendly washing and stoning of the goods.


  • low water consumption
  • good washing results, even with strong sticking earth or clay
  • low operating costs
  • dry pre-extension
  • continuous safe stone discharge


Versions without dry soil removal or stone removal are possible.

Mode of operation

Coarse sand and soil is removed from the goods in the dry drum. Then the stones are separated from the goods in the stone remover, and continuously moved out the side of the machine by the stone conveyor. Then the potatoes are swept into the wet wash drum and washed throughly. The water level is controlled automatically be a water level control system.

A funnel is located below the machine and collects the mud which settles out. The goods are moved to the downstream machine by the ejectors in the drum.



  • from 5 t/h to 20 t/h

Technical details:

  • from 4,5kW to 7,1 kW
  • from 0,5m³/h Water to ca. 2 m³/h Water

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