Drum blancher

continuous blanching of the goods


  • constant blanching quality
  • minimises energy costs


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Mode of operation

The goods are fed in at an even, set rate. Inside the rotating drum, the goods are transported evenly over inner augers to achieve consistent quality. Adjustable paddles mounted on the axial tube mix the product and push it into the water. The product is discharged on the face side. This ensures consistent transport as well as a consistent blanching time. The speed can be set with a speed-controlled motor.

The water is heated by steam heating in the venturi nozzle. Water cycle with water inlet on the outlet end and water drain on the inlet side, both on the face of the delivery points.

The temperature is measured before and after the venturi valve. The flow rate can be set manually with a manual shutoff valve.



  • from 1,5 t/h to 30 t/h

Technical details:

  • 4,0 kW
  • from 0,5 m³/h to 1,5 m³/h

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