Steam peeler MONSUN 2.0 for potatoes and vegetables

Batch mode weighing and feeding of the product into the pressure vessel. Peeling of the goods under pressure.


  • minimum peeling loss
  • double-walled container for separation of condensate and product
  • very good and fast distribution of the steam
  • shorter peeling times
  • optimised steam release valves


available with or without basket

Mode of operation

A conveyor system is used to feed the de-stoned and washed goods to the steam peeler scale. The two unloading flaps open when the set weight is reached, with a delay to counter bridging. Peeling in the pressure vessel takes place at a steam pressure of 16 bar.
Fast opening times and the large diameter of the steam release valves optimise peel release during expansion.

The double-walled container ensures that the incoming steam spreads quickly and evenly throughout all the goods, which decreases the steam peeling time significantly. The condensate collects in the intermediate floor.

The product does not come into contact with the condensate at any time during the peeling process. This allows for a further reduction in peeling times and peeling losses.

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